Heavenly Bodies

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Heavenly Bodies

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"Be your body, ever, a beloved space of revelations"
Alejandra Pizarnik.

Which is the body we love? What remembrance of it is able to trespass the barren place of memory? When skin´s space has not been revealed; when no truth is coming up after rubbing the minimal, something distant, something lost becomes present.

To look at a picture that gestures a posture: a woman is the landscape, its shadow, the perfect prairie of the lover. The pictures is the revealed, what it sais about love, its intimate night. Docile images of a barbaric splendid nature. Brillancy of some black and white  carved by life. To look and go back to the land of the familiar, with different eyes, an attitud, a caress. Beauty. There is no reason to mislead, neither to abandon oneself to any order beyond: they are there, they are. A wake in the sky, a wake of memories of sights, a wake that lightens its desire.

“To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself. A naked body has to be seen as an object in order to become a nude.To be naked is to be without disguise. To be on display is to have the surface of onesown skin, the hairs of ones own body, turned into adisguise which, in that situation, can never be discarded.”
John Berger

The exhibition of nudity, this intimate manner of showing oneself has been one of the favorite themes of the Arts History. Painted or photographed bodies, without identity: a Venus, an Olimpia, a Woman… A way of appointing but symbolically.  Other costumes, other times.  Pablo Garber´s bodies exhibit the body of another, of the Other, as a disguise; but he chooces the texture of light that makes it take communion with Nature, loosing what´s "real" in it and transforming it into a new surface of pleasure.  Thus, to that "barbaric splendid nature" I would now add: groves, summits, rough stones shining in a marvelous landscape.

In "Heavenly Bodies", Pablo Garber weaves in two of the traditions of the Arts History: body and landscape; an intimate celebration of joy that the eye respects. With no excess, and no game. That´s the comfort of those who know and stand for it.

Juan Fernando García