Soul Portraits

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Soul Portraits

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These images were produced under a hyper-data-stimulation state. Because of the continuous progress of technology, any individual has now got accesss to all of the knowledge the humankind has produced since itsvery beginnings.

However, as quoted by Fredric Jameson, "there has been a mutation in the object, followed by no equivalent change in the subject; we do not have yet the perceptional equipment needed to assimilate this new hyperspace". (The inclusion of this quotation here is a good example of what it says).

As a compulsive consumer and producer of information, I experience spiritual spasms, as if the soul is moving, trying to fit into a new body, the Donna Haraway´s Cyborg _ maybe _  " ... a fancy, a theoretical hybrid, made of organism and machine".

The original images are printed on X-Ray plates of medical use, one way to show what is happening in the squeleton of soul, the real support of my being.

Note: The inclusion of the quotations out of the context and subject where they were formulated is a direct consequence of that hyper- stimulation. Concede, the reader, the right to use them in my statement.

Pablo Garber, 1998